Simplify Patient Care and Drive Better Financial Results with QSIDental Web

Multilocation and Multispecialty

With QSIDental Web®, your organization can conveniently and securely share single patient records with any location or provider. The flexibility of this solution allows you to easily add new offices and providers to any type of organization structure. You can manage multiple provider fee schedules and payments across locations and multiple insurance plans.

You also gain essential capabilities to support a CBO (Central Billing Office) model for payment posting while managing all dental specialties. This includes processing multiple patient payments and finance schedules simultaneously and consolidating them into a single ledger.




Stay ahead of the curve with state mandates through ePrescribing to prevent prescription fraud and eliminate the risk of stolen (printed) prescription pads. When prescribing controlled substances, providers can require double identity verification from patients.


Accessibility For Providers

Incorporate the flexibility of a mobile web browser to access the scheduler, prescription files, and patient demographics. Through QSIDental Web®, your dental organization can increase convenience for providers by enabling them to access office work from their home computers.


Smart Notes

Save time and improve consistency for providers with template clinical notes. You can easily trigger notes by entering a condition, procedure, as well as a planned or completed service. You can also post notes automatically to the patient’s chart history.


Perio Charting

Compare clinical measurements over multiple exams and utilize highly configurable perio process workflows.


Referral Management

Enhance your referral intake workflow with integrated referral management capabilities. This feature enables external providers to securely share referrals to your organization via your current website. Improve patient convenience and keep track of contact attempts to ensure referred patients receive the care they need.


Treatment Plan Grouping

Increase efficiency by enabling providers to track the progress and schedules of treatments easily.

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