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From design to distribution, QSIDental EDI automates the entire patient statement process and is customizable with your own logos and messaging.

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The QSIDental EDI portfolio of services provides your staff with powerful tools to eliminate time-consuming paper processing.

QSIDental EDI frees up clinical and administrative staff to focus on higher value tasks that can improve your patients’ experience, reduce "hard costs" associated with manual claim processing such as postage and claim forms, reduce the time it takes to get paid for services, and monitor the status of claims throughout the payment process.

QSIDental EDI can help your practice. Our clients are generating remarkable improvements in claims processing accuracy and increased staff productivity results including:

  • Fewer A/R days
  • Faster payments
  • Reduced claim errors and resubmissions
  • Reduced costs for claims, postage and employee time

Electronic Eligibility

Avoid the time and expense of manually calling insurance companies and looking through stacks of paper to determine patient insurance eligibility. We offer two types of insurance eligibility verification: real time and batch.  Service availability is based upon which of our practice management solutions you currently use and services provided by individual insurance payers.  

QSIDental EDI electronically submits eligibility transactions to insurance companies, allowing you to quickly determine patient eligibility and coverage information.

  • Verify insurance eligibility in real time or by batch – depending on practice management solution
  • Either real-time eligibility information or status reports are available automatically after verification depending on your practice management solution
  • Reports detail eligibility, co-pays, and deductibles when available from the insurance payer
  • Verifying patient insurance eligibility can eliminate a root cause of rejected insurance claims
  • Avoid costly and time-consuming manual eligibility processes

Other Benefits of Eligibility

Reduce rejected claims
By checking eligibility prior to your patients arriving in your practice, you can take a proactive approach to preventing rejected claims. You will discover which of your patients has a problem with their insurance eligibility before they arrive instead of after, allowing you to either resolve a problem before it happens, or to reschedule a patient into the future (if possible) thus giving you the time to clarify the patient's financial responsibility.

Reduce outstanding A/R days
Once you know your patients are indeed eligible, the claims that you submit to the carriers will be more likely to be paid and could result in payments being received faster. Consider the case of a paper claim. It can take as long as 30 days once a paper claim is submitted before you are informed of a problem with a patient's insurance eligibility. Early patient insurance verification can mitigate A/R, and potential bad-debt problems which can damage patient relationships.

Improve cash flow
Reducing rejected claims can result in you receiving payments more quickly and increase your cash flow.

Protect patient interests
In many cases, patients do not even realize that they have a problem with their insurance benefits until after they have visited their dentist/doctor.  You can help your patients and protect them by advising them that there is a problem with their insurance eligibility and benefits.

Improve scheduling control
With an early eligibility check, you can make sure that only the patients who are eligible will have guaranteed office time. Our studies have shown that the patients who do not arrive for scheduled appointments are most often those who know that they have a problem with their insurance.

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