QSIDental Clinical Product Suite

Advanced electronic charting on a whole new level

Chartless technologies reduce cost, improve chart accuracy, and ultimately increase productivityQSI’s Clinical Product Suite is straightforward and user-friendly, supporting your preferred data-entry method—touch screen, mouse or keyboard. Combined with electronic patient history, doctor notes, patient correspondence, and treatment planning, the advantages of electronic charting are clear.

Comprehensive Patient History

  • Visits, procedures, digital images and doctor notes are all stored in the electronic patient chart for quick and easy access


  • Easy to read  The online tooth chart looks like a paper chart, so it’s easy for providers to accept and learn.
  • Transferrable  The eChart can be viewed at any workstation, including the front desk, assuring consistent access to critical patient chart information.

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Graphical Treatment Planning

  • Plan Instantly  Planned procedures entered during the exam are displayed with patient responsibility costs, using the fee schedule data from NextGen® Practice Management System.
  • Schedule On-site  The patient’s next procedure can be planned and scheduled before the patient leaves the operatory.

Patient Correspondence

  • Patient Education  Treatment descriptions in easy-to-understand formats, patient report cards, graphs, and more are generated by the system to educate your patients and add value to their experience.
  • Electronic Signatures  Patient correspondence and forms are completed and stored with encrypted electronic signatures.

Rapid Entry Tooth Charting

  • Organized Data Entry  Customizable screen buttons make data entry and retrieval simple.
  • Color Coding  This allows you to be as organized as you want to be, providing easy clinical assessment of treatment status with unique color coding indicating existing, planned or completed treatment.


  • With easy to create SmartNotes templates, you are assured that your clinical notes are accurate and legible every time.


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