Support & Training

Our 24/7/365 promise

We believe you should have the help you need, when you need it – any time of day, or night. Our Customer Support team is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. That’s our promise to you because we are committed to improving the quality of care at each establishment that chooses our software.

Our Support Policies 

All issues and/or questions that need to be communicated to QSIDental Support are to be channeled through an authorized System Manager. It is recommended that a backup system manager be designated who will be the primary contact in the absence of the system manager.

Access to submit HELP calls is controlled through the security settings and can be administered by the system manager.

Contact made to QSIDental Support by staff members other than preapproved contacts will be referred back to the system manager.

Entering A Support Call

  1. Choose HELP then HELP CALLS from the QSIDental Web™ menu. This will display a list of recently entered calls. To view the detail of an existing call, click on that call.
  2. To enter a new call choose ENTER HELP CALL in the upper right of the screen.  Fill in all fields and choose save.

The priority indicates the urgency of this issue. QSIDental will respond within the time frame indicated. Though we cannot guarantee resolution within that time frame you will at minimum receive an update with a new completion estimate. Responses will be sent via email to contacts that have been preapproved. Please do not reply to these emails. If additional information is needed please enter another support call.

Please enter as much detail in the text area as possible. Let us know the exact steps you took when the issue occurred and provide specific patient examples where applicable. If it is a specific workstation provide the workstation name. If you would like us to work directly with a specific user please provide their contact information. Providing detailed information will enable support to better recreate and respond to your issue.

Our Training

Whatever product you choose, we will always provide the necessary training for you and your staff. Our expert Implementations team will be there to guide you through the process. 


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