Client Resources

Tools and guidelines to maximize your efficiency with QSIDental™ applications

Clinical Product Suite (CPS)

QSIDental CPS Best Practices

UGM 2012—Learn how to effectively leverage our QSIDental CPS system to accomplish your most important tasks.


Effective Dental Clinic Management for CPS

UGM 2012—Learn new shortcuts and discover new tricks as we dive into the administration of your practice by educating you on how to use our QSIDental CPS Practice Management system more effectively.


Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography Software and Updates

UGM 2012—Take a tour of our digital radiography software as we showcase its newest features and functions.


Know Your Options for Digital Radiography

UGM 2012—Are you interested in implementing digital imaging solutions or thinking about an upgrade? Learn about the benefits of intra and extra-oral digital radiography.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

The A to Z of EDI Services

UGM 2012—Join us as we walk through each EDI service and explain how it can benefit you today.


General Practice Management

Enhancing the Patient Experience

UGM 2012—Gain insight from our panel of professionals who will share their insight and expertise on the various ways you can improve your patients’ experience with patient education, EDI services and digital imaging.


Learning Styles and Resources

UGM 2012—People process and learn new information in different ways.  Discover your own learning style (from David Kolb’s model) and explore the training and help documentation that is available for QSIDental products.


Social Media and Online Advertising for Your Practice

UGM 2012—Are you tweeting and friending your customers yet? If not, you should be. We'll tell you why. Hear from our panel about the reasons you can't ignore social media and how to leverage online advertising to promote your practice.


IPS & Open Item

QSIDental IPS and Open Item Updates

UGM 2012—Explore the new features of our QSIDental IPS and Open Item practice management system and preview future development projects.


Effective Use of ERA

UGM 2012—Review our QSIDental IPS practice management solution that includes an Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) program and Open Item tool. Plus learn about process flow, benefits and new complimentary products and services.


Improving Insurance Reimbursements for IPS and Open Item

UGM 2012—Gain a better understanding of the best practices for insurance claim processing using our EDI services for QSIDental IPS and Open Item.


Meaningful Use

QSIDental Meaningful Use

UGM 2012—Walk through everything you need to know related to Meaningful Use and our core products excluding NextGen® Electronic Dental Record (EDR). Learn about Stage 1 and Stage 2 criteria and where you can get the answers you need.


NextGen EDR

Effective Dental Clinic Management for NextGen EDR

UGM 2012—Take a closer look at the administrative side of your dental practice. Plus, Learn new tips and tricks in the NextGen EDR and NextGen® Practice Management systems.


NextGen EDR Meaningful Use

UGM 2012—Walk through everything you need to know related to Meaningful Use and our NextGen EDR product. Learn about Stage 1 and Stage 2 criteria so you can get the answers you need.


NextGen EDR Updates and Roundtable

UGM 2012—Review valuable features that have been recently added to the NextGen EDR system. Learn new tools, shortcuts, and more to make your day-to-day tasks easier.


Optimizing Office Efficiency for NextGen EDR

UGM 2012—Learn to optimize your office efficiency using NextGen EDR for paperless charting. We have highlighted the functions and features you need to know.


QSIDental Web

Introducing QSIDental Web

UGM 2012—Discover our latest product, QSIDental™ Web. Learn how our web-based software—specifically designed for group practice management—allows you to increase revenue, decrease costs, enhance patient satisfaction and maximize efficiency.


Improving Reimbursements for QSIDental Web

UGM 2012—Find out how you should be using QSIDental Web's EDI services to get the most out of your reimbursements.



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